The Bartender Chronicles

We’ll be making some changes soon… stay tuned…

As a bartender I am often asked if I have stories about my line of work.

Well, I do.
I also have tips for other bar-goers that are generally good to follow.

Every Thursday a new edition comes out with a behind-the-scenes look at the bar life. Keep up to date with all of The Chronicles here.

An Announcement…

A Party…

Laurence Fishburne

On Coasters…

The Bartender Chronicles

The Night Trader


On Creativity…

On Flirting…

On Knowing Your Bar

Mr. and Mrs. Can’t-Wait

On Preparedness…

On Tipping…

The Seductress

The Pick-Up Artist

The Helpful Regular

The One Who Loves Surprises

The Underager

The “Ex-Bartender”


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