Passengers on Board

These are the people in my world:

Stories will come up about them, and more will inevitably be included, but for now, here are the people involved that you should be aware of.

Nick – My best friend of 11+ years, housemate, and partner in crime.

Sister – My longest best friend and only full-blooded relative. She’s the reason behind a large part of who I am.

KT – Another of my housemates. I met her in November 2010 and she’s basically awesome. When she’s drunk she’s even more awesome. She offers occasionally valid girl advice and suffers from PBI – Personal Boundary Issues.

The Don – I don’t even think that I should need to explain this. He’s The Don. What else is there? He lives downstairs and he’s a Boss. We do things like THIS.

Alan – He’s a llama. Sometimes he’ll take over if I’m not able to run things for some reason. He made his first appearance here. You will probably see more of him.

GWB – She’s the Great White Buffalo. There’s not much I can say about her here that you can’t read about HERE.

Ophelia – I’ve known her since fall 2011, but she’s someone who has become a very close friend to me. People think we should be dating, but we’re happy just being really attractive friends. Also, the girl knows how to give a compliment.

#1, #2, #3 – These are my three major girlfriends. Between the ages of 17 and 22 I was almost entirely occupied by girlfriends and these are they.

29 – I met her at the gym. She kept me in her phone as “24” until one day I got to be introduced to people by my real name. Read about her HERE.

J – She’s a very good friend of mine who I made here in D.C. We do workouts together sometimes, we cook each other dinner sometimes, and we fall asleep to movies sometimes. People ask a lot of questions, but no, we’re not dating. Spending time with her, though, did help inspire THIS.

Cookie Monster – A good friend I met through the gym when I worked there. Am I attracted to her? very much so. Is that in the nature of our relationship? Not right now.


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