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How to Date a Bartender

Last week I was asked kindly to write for the great people over at Boobs, Bacon, Bourbon about how to date a bartender. Many of you may have read it, but if not then I suggest you do so before continuing … Continue reading

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To Date a Blogger: A Rebuttal

Earlier this week a good friend of mine wrote a piece called Don’t Ever Date a Blogger. Irony aside, I found some of her points to be somewhat irksome. Not because of their basis in generalities, because I’ll be writing … Continue reading

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Seeing The Forest For the Trees

Before I wrote last week’s letter to my valentine* I was talking to Nick about the day. “somebody should be my girlfriend today.” “Why?” “I get so creative! I’d do something awesome and super romantic.” Later that day, after reading … Continue reading

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Dear Valentine,

Dear Valentine, I know that we’re not in a relationship right now. We’re not even dating. Still, I want you to know that I’m thinking about you. You are on my mind more than I, as a happy bachelor, would … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Making Friends part 2

I was reading an article recently about how networking ought to be done. In it, Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) mentioned that the proper way to network is not by asking for favors, but by finding people who interest you … Continue reading

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Walls… And a Moat

I was 12 when my parents told my sister and I that they were going to get a divorce. It was a Sunday. I know this because it was every Sunday I would either play basketball with my dad or … Continue reading

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…Especially While You Recover.

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this series as an account of my own history with depression, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts. My intention is, in part, to reach a sense of catharsis, but also to help raise awareness about a serious and … Continue reading

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