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When my parents first separated and my dad moved out, he didn’t go far. In fact, he just moved down the street into an apartment building on the lake – about 4 blocks away. It made it a tiny more … Continue reading

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We kissed and it started a fire.

I had an image in my head. A conversation and a picture and it was clear. I had no words, though. I had a pen and a notebook, but no words. Until I thought of a kiss I shared with … Continue reading

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Like most people who enjoy a good adult beverage, I have a favorite beer. The funny thing about mine, though, is that I could probably not describe the taste to you. In fact, I’ve only ever had it once. It’s … Continue reading

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The Dance Off Heard ‘Round the World

My good friend Ophelia once told me that she likes when I tell stories and they’re entertaining to read on here as well. With that in mind, I’m dedicating this post to her. For Ophelia. In May 2010 my very … Continue reading

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To Err is Human

To forgive, divine. A friend of mine once made a drunken confession to me: he had slept with one of my exes a few months after we had broken up. A lot of people would probably be really pissed off … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Making Friends part 2

I was reading an article recently about how networking ought to be done. In it, Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) mentioned that the proper way to network is not by asking for favors, but by finding people who interest you … Continue reading

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Walls… And a Moat

I was 12 when my parents told my sister and I that they were going to get a divorce. It was a Sunday. I know this because it was every Sunday I would either play basketball with my dad or … Continue reading

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