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A Quick Guide to Making Friends part 2

I was reading an article recently about how networking ought to be done. In it, Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) mentioned that the proper way to network is not by asking for favors, but by finding people who interest you … Continue reading

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If You’re Awesome, You Get a Surprise Visit!

To be honest, I’m surprised that I’m awake right now. Yeah, at 7:41pm on Monday I am shocked that I’m functioning. Given the weekend I had, there is no reason why I should be anywhere other than bed. Friday: As … Continue reading

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Sunday Matinee: HP7

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday. I have a reason for my Sunday Matinee being so late, though. I was in New York all weekend. I was there to see my awesome sister… and to see Harry Potter and the … Continue reading

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I’ve never been good with making decisions. If I need to, sure, I can pick a direction, but the problem is that I LOVE options. My love of having options is why it’s difficult for me to choose a place … Continue reading

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This last weekend was my second ever race. I know, for as much as I’m a fitness nut you’d think I would have raced more. Nope. Also, the only races I’ve done have been Warrior Dashes. What’s a Warrior Dash? … Continue reading

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Blast Off!

I live with my best friend right now and it’s awesome, but it wasn’t even a year ago that I was completely bored with my life and looking for any way possible to mix up the routine of my daily … Continue reading

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