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Memories are funny things. They’re like short recordings of our own lives… except that they’re subject to manipulation. I could tell you a story about my childhood that is entirely different from the story my sister may tell even though … Continue reading

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A Much Needed Adventure (Interlude)

There isn’t a lot that I wanted to write for today. There’s a lot I want to write, just not for today. My mind is elsewhere: Las Vegas. Tomorrow morning at 7am I will be on a plane that leaves … Continue reading

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Try Failure.

Sara and I walked into the tattoo parlor for our appointment and we were led back to the station where Buddha would spend the next few minutes drawing on us. On the way back there was a guy on his … Continue reading

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Like most people who enjoy a good adult beverage, I have a favorite beer. The funny thing about mine, though, is that I could probably not describe the taste to you. In fact, I’ve only ever had it once. It’s … Continue reading

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The Bar Owner Chronicles?

Anyone who knows me knows that my dream job is to own a bar multiple bars. That and I want to write. I know – it sounds like I have a lot of ambition when I say that I want … Continue reading

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The Dance Off Heard ‘Round the World

My good friend Ophelia once told me that she likes when I tell stories and they’re entertaining to read on here as well. With that in mind, I’m dedicating this post to her. For Ophelia. In May 2010 my very … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking of putting this to words for a while now and a conversation I had recently cemented what I had to say. So this is a little bit about my best friend. My best friend hasn’t always been … Continue reading

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