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Memories are funny things. They’re like short recordings of our own lives… except that they’re subject to manipulation. I could tell you a story about my childhood that is entirely different from the story my sister may tell even though … Continue reading

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We kissed and it started a fire.

I had an image in my head. A conversation and a picture and it was clear. I had no words, though. I had a pen and a notebook, but no words. Until I thought of a kiss I shared with … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

I have a story in my mind. Something exciting: an adventure with action and romance that leaves you calm in the end, wishing it had been real and not merely a fantasy. Unfortunately the story won’t come out yet. I’ve … Continue reading

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Rarely Good Enough

I told you last week that I am my biggest obstacle when it comes to physicality and performance. I also said that I’ve recently realized that getting in my own way runs deeper than what’s on the outside. As it … Continue reading

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Passion (part 3)

I decided that I want to conclude my pieces on passion with a statement of the obvious: my love for adventure. But before I get there, it’s important to acknowledge my extensive history with misplaced or misguided passion. A while … Continue reading

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Passion (part 2)

I’ve been saying for years that what I want to do eventually is write and own bars. If you’ve never heard this before, then you probably haven’t been listening very much, but that’s not the point. Recently a new, yet … Continue reading

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A Good Writer

“want to be a more interesting writer? Then lead a more interesting life. It’s that simple -and that difficult. Writing can be a very solitary occupation, and most writers grow to be content with being alone for long stretches of … Continue reading

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