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The Foundation

Somebody once described me as being “idealistic to a fault.” I’m still not entirely sure if I agree with that or really even understand what it means, but it’s out there. The truth is: I have a few very strong … Continue reading

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When my parents first separated and my dad moved out, he didn’t go far. In fact, he just moved down the street into an apartment building on the lake – about 4 blocks away. It made it a tiny more … Continue reading

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Memories are funny things. They’re like short recordings of our own lives… except that they’re subject to manipulation. I could tell you a story about my childhood that is entirely different from the story my sister may tell even though … Continue reading

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Chronicles of Unattended Goods

It’s not always that people get to go to bars with nothing on their person. People bring purses, coats, umbrellas, sunglasses, backpacks, the list goes on. But what happens when you get up to use the restroom or, even worse, … Continue reading

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We kissed and it started a fire.

I had an image in my head. A conversation and a picture and it was clear. I had no words, though. I had a pen and a notebook, but no words. Until I thought of a kiss I shared with … Continue reading

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Bartenders: Lifestyle vs. Career

Most of the time a bartender can be grouped into one of two styles. A lifestyle bartender or a career bartender. There is a lot of grey area in the middle and overlap (think of a Venn diagram), but the … Continue reading

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The Bartender Chronicles v.20

These are the stories and the commentary from┬ábehind┬áthe bar. It’s a bartender’s job to be attentive. It’s not necessary to notice certain little things like the fact that you’ve pulled the straw out of every drink or that you don’t … Continue reading

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