Bartender, Blogger, Business Man, Badass. I’m modest too. And handsome. But mostly modest.

This is my world:

I live in DC – I moved here in November of 2010.
I have one older sister, three younger stepsisters, and two much younger half-brothers
They’re all completely awesome.

I live with my best friend from High School, his brother, and another random girl who turned out to be awesome.
We basically live like THIS… but in real life.

We can enjoy an absolutely absurd night, or have just as much fun playing board games or watching Jeopardy!
I’m very Jeopardy! smart.

I played the trumpet for 10 years, but stopped after high school.
Most people don’t know that I would still play for myself sometimes if I had my trumpet here.
I’m terrible at reading music, but can hear a tune and play it from memory.

I’m currently working on owning a bar multiple bars someday.


2 Responses to Me

  1. doniree says:

    I would DESTROY you at Jeopardy. #justsayin (I also love you a little more knowing you consider yourself Jeopardy! smart as well. I sort of pride myself on my game show skills.)

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