Chronicles of Unattended Goods

It’s not always that people get to go to bars with nothing on their person.

People bring purses, coats, umbrellas, sunglasses, backpacks, the list goes on. But what happens when you get up to use the restroom or, even worse, leave the bar and you don’t have one of those things on you?

Don’t leave your personal belongings unattended at the bar. If it’s not busy and you know your bartender you can probably get away with asking him to watch something or hold it behind the bar. If not, though, ask someone you’re with… or take it with you wherever you’re going.

Things get stolen.

If you come up to me while we’re busy and say “I came in with a bag, then I went outside to smoke and it’s gone now” my response will be simple:

Don’t leave your things unattended. It’s not my job to keep tabs on everybody’s personal belongings. If I can, I will. Sure. But don’t expect it.

Don’t return to the bar where you lost your sunglasses over a week ago. Chances are we don’t have them. Somebody else picked them up or one of us is now wearing them. The same goes for umbrellas and other miscellaneous items. If it’s a credit card, there’s a good chance we have it and the same goes for something of real value, otherwise it’s gone.

People: the bar is not your friend’s house so stop thinking that it is. You can’t leave little things around and expect them to be exactly where they were.

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