Writer’s Block

I have a story in my mind.

Something exciting: an adventure with action and romance that leaves you calm in the end, wishing it had been real and not merely a fantasy.

Unfortunately the story won’t come out yet.

I’ve tried typing it and I’ve tried writing with ink, but it’s not complete. The idea is not complete. The characters refuse to take shape in their incomplete forms and so they refuse to take part in their adventure.

It’s frustrating. It’s like the beginning of a race when you’re set and ready to run, but the gun just isn’t being fired. You can see the finish line and the entire track ahead of you, but you can’t see how the race plays out. You need to start running, but nobody is saying “go.”

Do you start before the gun and disqualify yourself from competition in order to run? Or do you stay there… ready, but unable to move because of rules?

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2 Responses to Writer’s Block

  1. Mia Rommel says:

    Talk it out when we run tomorrow. I “wrote” a lot of my short stories that way. I’ll tune you out if you don’t want me to hear.

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