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Hurricane Irene

Put simply, she made things get a little crazy. Saturday my house had planned on a party. Specifically, a going away party for Nick’s girlfriend (She left this morning to NYC for grad school at NYU). The thing about a … Continue reading

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The Modern Gentleman

I’ve had a surprising amount of conversations lately about what it is to be a gentleman. Surprising meaning 3. It’s not something that comes up in daily conversation, though it seems to be on people’s minds lately. It seems as … Continue reading

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I currently have two tattoos. The first I got when I was 20 and the second I got when I was 22. My first tattoo. It’s a Kokopelli laying out for a frisbee. He’s on the inside of my right … Continue reading

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A Year of What?

A few days ago I read this post by A Single Girl. Admittedly, I have never met her (though I’d jump at the chance to!) and was none the wiser about her existence a year ago. That being said; her … Continue reading

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Out of the Woodwork

I’m from all over the place. I’ve lived in Idaho, Chicago, Connecticut, now D.C., and I was born in Manhattan. I feel a strong affinity for all of these places, yet find difficulty in calling any of them “home” without … Continue reading

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