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Unexpected Insight

I work 2 jobs. One, as I’ve mentioned before, is at a gym. The other is at a bar. I was hired as a barback, but have since moved into a role that is basically “whatever the owner needs me … Continue reading

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Alan the Llama

is frustrated too!

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Sunday Matinee: HP7

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday. I have a reason for my Sunday Matinee being so late, though. I was in New York all weekend. I was there to see my awesome sister… and to see Harry Potter and the … Continue reading

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Harry vs. Sally

For those of you who may not know this: I love chick flicks. I have a serious soft spot for romantic comedies. They’re heart-warming, funny, and always pretty happy. Sure, they’re predictable, but I’m a firm believer that movies are … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Matinee

I realize that I didn’t write about a movie last week, but that’s because 1) I saw a movie that wasn’t new and 2) my sister was in town and she takes priority over… well, everything. That being said, this … Continue reading

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I’ve never been good with making decisions. If I need to, sure, I can pick a direction, but the problem is that I LOVE options. My love of having options is why it’s difficult for me to choose a place … Continue reading

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