This last weekend was my second ever race. I know, for as much as I’m a fitness nut you’d think I would have raced more. Nope. Also, the only races I’ve done have been Warrior Dashes.

What’s a Warrior Dash?

THIS is. It’s a 5k obstacle course mud run… and it’s viking themed. What’s not to love? You get the joy of running through the woods for 3+ miles, through obstacles, over fire, and through mud, and then you finish with beer and turkey legs.

Last year I ran on pace with Nick. Sadly, I was grossly out of shape and slowed him down quite a bit, but he was willing to stay behind for me – so that was cool. This year, though, I was the fast one. Given, Nick was run over by a dump truck earlier this year (literally run over by a truck), so his running ability has been greatly decreased since then, but I kept a pace so that he could keep up throughout the race – and he still did it like a boss! We did the race in 30:20 and 30:24. Nothing spectacular, but fast enough to come in the top 40% of finishers and slow enough to still thoroughly enjoy the race and all its warrior obstacles.

The best part of the race, though, is definitely the group of people that participates. Last year there was a collection of about 15 of us from NY, DC, and MD. This year about 22 of us. That being said, these weekends are basically yearly highlights. Also after each race, I really just want to do it as many times as possible.

Note to self: look into running the Tough Mudder and the Urbanathalon.

Now I just need to sign up for another Warrior Dash and try to run it in 25:00 or less.

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