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This last weekend was my second ever race. I know, for as much as I’m a fitness nut you’d think I would have raced more. Nope. Also, the only races I’ve done have been Warrior Dashes. What’s a Warrior Dash? … Continue reading

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Ain’t it a Beach

I’m pretty sure that I am happiest when I’m at the beach. I’m not overly picky about whether that means a lake beach or a coast beach, though I definitely feel more content when I’m at the ocean. I spent … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Making Friends

It’s pretty simple, really. There are a few guidelines I follow and so far it’s worked out reasonably well for me. 1) Don’t turn down plans. 2) Be you, not somebody you think people want to meet. 3) Don’t turn … Continue reading

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Get Fit April!

Even though working the front desk at a gym is a pretty menial job and I generally have to use most of my mental ability for finding ways to stay awake rather than anything productive, I can hardly say it’s … Continue reading

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